The staff in Aytamuna department, which is affiliated to Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development, are still continuing the distribution of salaries for the month of March to the orphan families registered in the department and the distribution of food baskets to these orphan families.
The eminence of Sheikh Ali Bashir Al-Najafi (may his support be ever lasted), the Secretary-General Al-Najafyia confirmed that the department has gone on a field tour to families’ housing areas to distribute salaries with the distribution of food baskets to these families, where (162) orphan families were supplied with food baskets in the Radawia district, Al-Abbasiya district, Al-Heerah district, Al-Manadhirah district, and Ghamas junction, after imposing the curfew.
This is the initiative's second time of distributing the monetary dues and food baskets to orphan families and will continue in the coming days due to the health status of the province and the imposition of curfews due to the outbreak of Corona virus in the province and Iraq in general.
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