At the headquarters of Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development, the youngest orphan registered in the foundation has received, Eidul Fitr financial gift (eidyia).
Mr. Qasim Mohi indicated that the sponsorship of the youngest orphan had been registered in the foundation and he was delivered the first eidyia along with his sponsorship.
The orphan is only 40 days old who lives in Najaf/ Al-Askari quarter. His family expressed their thanks and gratitude for the foundation for this blessed initiative.

Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development distributed served to more than 50 orphans at the Foundation’s headquarters.
Hajj Qassem Mohi, Deputy Secretary General of the Foundation, indicated "Our staff in our department of orphans in the Foundation have started distributing meals for (50) orphans with their families", where they have contacted orphan families according to the lists registered in the department. These meals were as a support from the foundation to help them.
This initiative is part of others presented by the Foundation like the Ramadan baskets, and campaign of compassion for food aid, as well as providing breakfast meals in the holy month of Ramadan ... and other assistance. All of these are to contribute and help these families in light of the difficult conditions the country is going through as a result of the Corona virus Rampant in Iraq.

Aytamuna Department in Karbala initiated the distribution of Eidul Fitr gifts (eidyia)to the orphans registered with the Foundation.
Head of the department stated Eidyia was distributed to more than (1700) orphans to enter joy and happiness into the hearts of orphans.
Moreover, sponsorships for orphans were distributed to the families of (600) orphan families, according to the registrants and lists in the orphan department.
The families of orphans expressed their joy and gratitude to the foundation for the service it provides to the families of orphans and widows.