Head of Aytamuna Department " We distributed more than 1,400 food baskets, and work is in progress to distribute hundreds of baskets over the coming hours and days."
Aytamuna Department distributed food baskets until late at night, where all its staff mobilized to deliver aid to the needy families and the families of widows and orphans. This was stated by the department official, Mr. Ali Hanoun, to inform the foundation, indicating that the distribution process during twenty-four Hour reached (1450) basket.
Hanoun pointed out that the foundation’s staff worked throughout the twenty-four hours to distribute (1450) food baskets containing various foodstuffs to the poor and needy families and orphan families in more than forty neighborhoods and quarters to support these families in adhering to the instructions of the crisis committee in the curfew to prevent Corona virus.
He also indicated that work is in progress and there are hundreds of food baskets that will be delivered to poor and needy families during the coming hours and days, requesting on all families to abide by the instructions on the curfew in order to preserve their safety and the safety of society.