During the days and nights of the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of grace and mercy, the month of Allah, praise to Him, Al-Anwar Najafy Foundation for Culture and Development, which is sponsored by the Office of His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah, Sheikh Bashir Al-Najafy (May Allah prolong his life) in Najaf Governorate, continues its annual campaign to distribute food baskets to orphans and poor families.

Deputy Secretary General of the Foundation, Hajj Qassem Mohi, indicated that the Foundation has continued to provide the food basket since the last days of the month of Sha`ban and through the days of the holy month, as this campaign included a number of poor families and orphans, which amounted to (424) orphan and poor families in different areas of Najaf province.

Mohi explained that the Foundation provided its assistance in various regions of the country and even before the start of this holy month, in response to the call of the eminence of Sheikh Bashir Al-Najafi to support the needy people after the outbreak of the Corona virus and imposing a curfew through several campaigns that the Foundation has undertaken in the districts and areas ending with the Ramadan basket.
Meanwhile, the families expressed their thanks for the efforts being made by the Foundation towards those in need, especially during the days of this holy month.
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